Building New Foundations

2021 ACSA Status Report

Building new foundations reimagines the future of workplace health and safety. It speaks to adopting new technologies in training delivery. It reinforces a renewed emphasis on stakeholders and strategies that welcome and use feedback to enrich Your ACSA’s offerings.

In the past two years, agility, resiliency and adaptability have become our norms. We established new foundations to solidify our impact within the construction sector. The adoption of new technologies allowed for customized training delivery and increased member and student engagement. Partner and industry feedback drives us to be bold and creative as we pursue our vision of Lives lived safely.

The use of data analytics to determines the frequency and volume of injuries and fatalities across the construction sector help identify training opportunities. The Workers’ Compensation Board – Alberta (WCB-Alberta) injury, employer and Certificate of Recognition (COR) data form the basis of our analysis. From there, Your ACSA develops strategies tied to strategic outcomes.

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