Inclusive Dialogues

The eight-part CSTS 2020 Add-on Module, called Inclusive Dialogues, is under development. The first module, Inclusion 101, will launch in spring 2022. This series will focus on racism, the impact of racism, Indigenous Peoples and reconciliation, inclusive behaviours, women in the workplace, intersectionality and how to continue to learn and engage.

New CSTS 2020 Add-on Module

The Creative Sentencing: Who’s Responsible Add-on Module will impart the roles and responsibilities of workers to improve safety.

Safety training system vILT courses

ACSA will continue to add safety training system vILT courses. Using WCB-Alberta injury data, ACSA will be able to create new industry- and trade-specific courses that address injury reduction based on evidence and OHS system priorities.

Online gaming platform

Gaming is an innovative way to create competition and engage participants in course content. Testing of an online gaming platform is underway and will be integrated into vILT courses in 2022.

Virtual conferences

The 2022 ACSA Conference will be held virtually from March 14 to 18, 2022. The conference explores the theme, Healthy Lives, Safe Workplaces.

Leadership Summit

ACSA will host a Leadership Summit in the fall. Industry champions will be invited to share their insights on barriers and pathways to workplace safety.

Monthly webinar series

A monthly webinar series will be introduced in the second quarter of the year. Watch for free and timely informational webinars addressing industry-specific issues and trends.

Learning management system

A review is underway to find an updated learning management system (LMS). Implementation of a new platform that will meet current and future business requirements is planned for 2023.

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